Thomas Jackson for Weave Youth & Community in Redfern.





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Thomas Jackson


Weave Youth & Community Services is a non-profit community organisation that has been working with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, women, children and families in the City of Sydney and South Sydney areas for over 35 years.


When Weave Youth & Community services came to us in 2018, we were delighted to be able to be involved in an area where we had recently engaged in much community research. Authority Creative Director Christopher Skyner had already spent 4 weeks in the street speaking to locals about the area. Over the month Authority Creative had interviewed over 160 people with 6 simple questions based around public art in the Redfern/Waterloo area, with 100% of our interviewed locals agreeing that more art would be appreciated in the area.


“Art in public places is one of the indicators of a flourishing cultural life. It can add joy, texture and complexity to the public domain, help to define our places, tell our stories, and preserve our memories for future generations.” – City of Sydney


Thomas Jackson |


Thomas Jackson, originally from the UK, draws inspiration from the Australian landscape. His mural artworks manifest as contemporary natural history illustrations that inference the full spectrum of flora and fauna investigation, from scientific plant and animal specimens through to entomology and taxidermy. You can also find his work exhibited in the gallery, taking the form of much smaller, intricate and meticulous illustrations and paintings. Central to Thomas’ practice is field research, representing and revealing the ever changing landscape and its inhabitants, unique to each place and community.

What a pleasure it was to have you on board Thomas!


With Love,

Authority Creative x