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Billy Zammit

David lee periera



This project has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. 

Our Client

2 years ago we sat down with Upper Hunter Shire Council and members of the Merriwa community including - and perhaps most importantly - the school kids to get a sense of how we could create an artwork that was distinctive of the place, unique to the site and represented something the community were proud of. 

Voila! The sheep with the red socks and the canola fields. 


The artwork is a symbol of local pride, celebration and enterprise. If you’re still thinking “Sheep, in regional Australia…whats so unique about that?” we urge you to visit Merriwa between the 7th and 9th of June 2019 for The Festival of The Fleeces. Since its conception in 1990, this festival has become the town’s most iconic tourist trap and local event run purely as a not-for-profit initiative and supported by Upper Hunter Shire Council. We might see you there ;) 


“ It’s not very often that we are able to do a project that is so authentically community driven and awe inspiring, we are so proud of David and what he has achieved.”

-Christopher Skyner



Finding the balance between the masculine and the feminine, Davd Lee Pereira's work entertains a narrative giving a voice to the subtleties of human emotion. As a queer identifying  Melbourne born artist from a Euro-Asian heritage, Pereira uses motifs from his past along side binary elements illustrating the blossoming growth that can be achieved through harmony from within.

We’ve watched David’s work develop over the past three years, and it was without a doubt that we asked him to take the lead on this artwork.


Our partners

We were given this amazing site by our wonderful friends at Graincorp who have been supporting Australian art in regional communities for a long time now. We’re so grateful to have been entrusted to throw 280 litres of paint over such a vast canvas.


As large scale art projects tend to go, once you’re given the green light its full steam ahead and tight timeframes. Without the support of Resene we may have been hard pressed to get our hands on this much paint in such a short window, so as always, we are forever grateful for the support.


With Love,

Authority Creative x