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Visionary Investment Group

Macquarie Park
Waterloo Road


ARM Architecture
Scott Carver Architects


In Summary

Visionary, a specialist in real estate development and investment, has lodged plans for developments at 86 Waterloo Rd, 88 Waterloo Rd and 8 Cottonwood Crescent with Ryde council.

Macquarie Park is heading in a bold and transformative new direction. Its emergence as Australia’s Silicon Valley sees its services and infrastructure upgraded to what can only be described as ‘enviable’ by first world standards.

The inclusion of an outdoor fitness hub, various co-working spaces and a soon to be Venture Cafe creative enterprise facilitation space instills a sense of innovation and momentum. This will be mirrored by the public art aspect of Cottonwood Crescent and Waterloo Road, what forms is a landmark statement within the City of Ryde.


“We were particularly excited about writing this public art strategy. due to the site’s historical and current milleu the possibilities for the incorporation of a wide variety of mediums, technology and the inclusion of diverse voices are huge.”




“Art undeniably contributes to both dominant and marginalised cultural discourse and is integral to the continuation of a diverse and thriving cultural future here in Australia.

In tumultuous times for arts funding, a development of this scope has the potential to provide a platform for artists as well as make a significant contribution to the arts sector, employment and cultural terrain.”

- Amy Roser
ART consultant

The Details

If approved, the project will see the creation of more than 600 homes catering to around 1,300 residents. An upmarket ‘Silkari’ hotel is also planned, along with commercial office spaces and retail facilities.

86 Waterloo Road will elevate a 20-level tower comprising of 153 residential units aimed at investors and university students, with a strong focus on convivial communal spaces. The proposal submitted to the Ryde Council lists 51 one-bedroom apartments, 44 one-bedroom apartments with studios incorporated within, and 58 two-bedrooms.

88 Waterloo Road will provide a premium housing product tower with about one-quarter of the project devoted to communal open space. Car parking for 231 vehicles is also proposed over three basement levels.

8 Cottonwood Crescent will be surrounded by greenery and water features, presenting a 14-story residential apartment building, designed by architects Scott Carver. 143 residential units, inclusive of 24 two-bedroom townhouses and four three-bedroom townhouses make up the proposal.

Macquarie Park’s local resident population is forecast to achieve an average growth rate of 3.3% to reach 41,800 by 2036.